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The Third & The Seventh


Every now and then, something comes along that completely transforms the way things are done in a category. And in the process, it sets the bar for everything else. The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman is one of those pieces.

Disconnecting = Better Ideas.


We’re all too busy. It’s easy to fall into this busy abyss. We start by connecting to the web. We check email, facebook, twitter and all our fav sites. Before you know it, we’re absorbing information and repurposing via social media.

Social Media Revolution

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What media do you trust?


In 2009, Nielsen conducted a study on the degree of trust consumers had in messages derived from various media. All of us know WOM (word of mouth) is the almighty but look what’s just behind:

Food for Condos.


Social responsibility isn’t just great PR for brands anymore. It’s what consumers expect of the brands they chose to associate with. It’s part of business 2.0. Here’s a neat example of a win-win idea. Back in October 09 our clients tasked us with developing a promotion to boost sales in what is historically the worst …


GM. A strong case for rebranding.


Every marketer has their solution for the aforementioned car making behemoth. I’m often asked the question, “when should an organization rebrand?”