8 ways to survive the holiday season at an ad agency

1. Make a holiday drink (add a shot of eggnog to your flask of rum).

2. Decorate the office with snowflakes made from uninspired creative briefs.

3. Force the interns to recite all of your emails as Christmas carols.

4. Dress up as Santa Claus and deliver a rousing speech to the creative department about following the bleep’n brief.

5. Perfect your Yukon Cornelius impression for teleconference calls with new clients.

6. Remind the client that you have a direct line to Santa Claus for all of their viral needs.

7. Remember to be kind to the “suits”. Like the Grinch, their hearts’ are also two sizes too small.

8. Donate your old awards to less fortunate agencies- ‘Tis the season for giving.