A Very Big Announcement! #dopeagency

In today’s competitive job marketplace we wanted an edge when trying to attract the best talent. As a creative business, with many millennial employees, we finally believe we’ve finally found a win-win corporate “perk”.

This week we’re proud to announce our most progressive incentive: Free access to pot.

Yes, otherwise known as marijuana, cannabis, hemp, pot, dope, grass, weed, ganja, doob, spliff and/or Mary Jane, dope will join Ping-Pong, free beer and the many other “perks” we have at blackjet.

A competitive edge. A more relaxed, creative staff. What could the downside be? With laws changing in the U.S. and Justin Trudeau being close to changing laws in Canada, we thought it was time to get ahead of the curve. Soon, we will dispense Cannabis beside our office beer fridge.

And, by the way, we’ll also be adding a potato chip dispenser.