April Fool’s Went Up In Smoke.

We recently decided to add something quite interesting to our employee benefits package in order to attract the best talent in today’s competitive marketplace. At the Next Gen Dinner Series Event, put on by our friends at Boost Agents and Adlounge; Blackjet Partners, Mo Solomon and Rob Galletta, announced an incentive that they knew millennial’s simply couldn’t resist: free pot.

Yes, you read that right.“Sometimes people need a little extra inspiration and we’re happy to provide it.”

Well the reaction was overwhelming! Both at the student event and online with Instagram, Twitter & a long list of international industry sites. Everyone from Adweek to a Marketing blog down under in Australia picked it up. But, alas, the truth came out on April 1st.

Yes, April Fools!
You didn’t think they were serious, did you?

So below is a round up and links to just a few of the online mentions we got for this extended and elaborate April Fool’s stunt.

We proved that Blackjet is definitely the place to be, not only because of all our other great incentives, but also because the team at Blackjet has a great sense of humour. And maybe one day, when it’s legal in Toronto, we’ll think about making that special “herb”, a perk.

Check out the press we got: