Last Friday, the ADCC hosted an event with Pelle Nilson & Petter Westlun, Co-founders of B-Reel. If you’re unfamiliar, B-Reel is a Swedish production company that’s worked with brands like Mitsubishi, Toshiba and H & M (to name a few).B-Reel is also one of the hottest companies in the advertising/marketing industry. What’s their recipe for success? That’s what everyone came to find out. Throughout the presentation, one theme kept emerging: big ideas are easier to pull off with a small collaborative team. Why though? It’s simple; things get done faster. With fewer obstacles to overcome like egos, endless meetings and indecisiveness, smaller teams are able to stay focused on what matters, the idea. This was music to our ears, since the small team approach is something that as an agency, we have instilled into our culture too.