Case Studies

We put as much time and effort into learning from our work as we do into creating it. These case studies represent some of our highest creative highs, but more importantly they represent our deepest learnings. They’re emblematic of our multidisciplinary approach, our attention to insights and our creative problem solving.


How to Revitalize Downtown Guelph.

Guelph is one of those model cities in Canada that is consistently rated one of the best places to live in the country. It boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates and crime rates of any major urban center. The population is highly educated, the environment is clean and it’s urban center is thriving. Save … Continued

Branding a Divided Place – Muskoka Lakes.

In 2008 Muskoka was set to be the host of the G8 Summit. The entire planet would set its focus on the area with the world’s super powers congregating here. Our agency was awarded the assignment to develop a brand positioning, strategy and creative platform for the rebrand. As most North American’s know, Muskoka is … Continued

Cleveland. One Tough Branding Assignment.

This is a tough town to brand. Long a depressed city, it has certainly been the butt of so many jokes in the US as witnessed in this hysterical parody video made way back in 2009. The City answered back with a complete rebrand.  They rolled out a new identity, tv, print and digital campaigns. … Continued

A tree fell, and 200 years later we made an ad about it.

It’s a secret something we’ve been toiling away on for over a year now, and the cone of silence has finally officially dropped. On August 28, The Metalworks made its long-anticipated debut at a launch event in downtown Guelph. The Metalworks is a new urban village planned on Guelph’s most historic spot. The site is … Continued

Thank You G8 Summit.

Government branding assignments can be excruciatingly loooong drawn out processes. Unless of course, there’s some international pressure. Thankfully for us, the G8 Summit is being held in Huntsville this week. So approximately 3 years after rolling out the new brand and all of its elements, our wayfinding signage was introduced to the Township of Muskoka … Continued