Celebration X.

As the leaves turned brown this year, the cool breeze of transition blew a little stronger at the Blackjet office. This fall marks our 10-year anniversary, launching our business into the double digits. While our headquarters and branding have changed over the years, the fearless essence of our agency has never wavered.

The Blackjet crew took a celebratory trip to NYC to mark the milestone. This proved truly fitting, as the past 10 years have been just that: a series of journeys as a team. We have ventured into new territories together, bringing the same daring attitude to projects familiar and unfamiliar. In the end, collaboration, creativity and persistence have never failed.

Our trip to the Big Apple included some Instagram-worthy exploring, fabulous meals and blossoming team spirit. Because we love what we do, we created a 10 year identity with a special Blackjet X logo. Logo X made it onto our sweatshirts, our dinner menus and even some of our arms as temporary tattoos.

We might not be flying to NYC every month, but after 10 years of learning and evolving, we’re more than ready to soar farther.