Does my main message look big in this?

Would your ad entertain a fish? With instant gratification at our fingertips, some scientists claim that Goldfish have longer attention spans than the average human. Others believe it remains the same. We’re just significantly pickier. With a surplus of quality entertainment, irrelevant content is on nobody’s agenda.

So how does advertising cut through clutter? It seems that the solution lies somewhere in between the two theories. With their six second limit, punchy Youtube bumper ads satisfy a declined focus.

Is six seconds long enough for the traditional story arc build up? The short answer is: no. Because the ads cut into a viewer’s personal stream time, we need to grab attention from the get-go. In other words, we must interrupt with immediate purpose.

When creating bumper ads for our client Muskoka Brewery, enforcing the brand itself was our priority. While the industry moves away from slapping a big logo onto every creative project, the six second format calls for the opposite. With no time to spare, brand awareness comes before story.

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We devised a single-minded message; simplicity is victory. Instead of condensing existing content, we started fresh. By creating with the time frame in mind, we were able to use it to our advantage. Constraints translated into craft.

Our final product brought Muskoka Brewery’s iconic packaging to life. Through animation, we integrated the beer cans into the story and pushed brand awareness even further.

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We ended up with moments just long enough to establish attitude, humour and charm. We didn’t layer the ad with a list of benefits or a chopped-up narrative. Appreciating the boundaries of time gave viewers a bold taste of personality.

As media evolves to meet the rapid buzz of instant gratification, we must adapt our process. The success of the Muskoka Brewery series reassures our belief that time constraints don’t hinder creativity, they just redirect it.

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