Expanding our client base in Canada’s capital region.

In addition to our recent partnership with Zibi in Ottawa, Blackjet will also be working with Timbercreek on a number of strategic and branding assignments.

The first Timbercreek campaign for the Ottawa area is a major redevelopment plan in the South Ottawa/Alta Vista neighbourhood. The ambitious project signals positive changes in a challenging area.

This new complex will set a new standard, with luxury apartments and amenities, while doubling existing rental units and increasing area real estate values, all with the broader objective of drawing clientele from adjacent Ottawa neighbourhoods.

With ongoing strategic, design and creative work for both Ottawa focused clients, Blackjet sees great potential and growth in Canada’s capital region – a new market for our agency.

We look forward to bringing our experience in real estate and place making to Ottawa, and being able to spend more time in such a vibrant, historic city.