Holiday etiquette meets your mother’s tongue.

At Blackjet, we’re a bit different. Even at Christmas. When we were tasked to create our company holiday greeting, we treated it the same as anything else we work on. Make it fearless. Make it creative. Make it good. That said, the usual lame-ass animation or e-card or old-fashioned-warm-fuzzy card was out of the question. So we came up with C.H.E.E.R. – the Christmas & Holiday Etiquette Enforcement Regiment. We decided it was time to take a stand against poor holiday etiquette (in a passive-aggressive kind of way). We’ve all been embarrassed by a drunk uncle or cut off by a frantic shopper at this time of year, so we were determined to tap into that frustration. Not only did we design, print and mail-out a booklet with irreverent etiquette corrections; we also made it interactive and easily shareable on-line. You can slip someone an old-fashioned “notice” and run like hell or you can be equally cowardly by sending an “etiquette violation” via email and share it on your social networks. Of course QR codes are used to help make a donation to one of our “cause” clients, Reach Out Centre for Kids. This time of year is stressful enough. We wanted to have some fun. Mission accomplished.

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