JELD-WEN Canada Launches National Integrated Broadcast Campaign

Advertising campaigns for windows are typically straightforward, buttoned-down affairs that are heavy on product benefits and light on creative concepts; the direct messaging you’d expect from a category that does most of its communicating in B2B. For their first ever Canadian television commercial, our partner JELD-WEN, Canada’s largest window and door manufacturer, wanted something that would make an impact on the B2C crowd.

JELD-WEN is well known in the construction industry, but it’s not a well-known household name, our goal is to change that. We wanted to create a commercial that grabbed the attention of the average consumer and deliver a clear message in an unforgettable way.

In collaboration with Impossible Studios, we and JELD-WEN built off the success of 2019 and 2020’s ‘Keep Outside Out’ campaign and pushed this simple and effective idea to a new level with the icy introduction of an otherworldly winter Viking.

The cinematic commercial features this chilly and chilling villain sizing up a beautiful home for a raid before letting out an animalistic cry and taking off full at tilt towards the home, only to be emphatically stopped by a set of JELD-WEN windows, leaving the couple within cozy and undisturbed. The execution is absurd, but the message is simple: JELD-WEN windows and doors keep winter out.

The commercial was developed in short order, as the first execution in a new broadcast sponsorship deal airing on SportsNet; it needed to be delivered in under four weeks; a short timeline for a big idea. It wasn’t easy, and may have required a little extra blood, sweat and tears from us and our partners, but through sheer determination we delivered a commercial that shatters the boundaries of window and door advertising.

Hot on the heels of the television commercial is a supporting digital and social campaign that will leverage the Viking and run throughout the year.