Live in a tasty world. And eat it up.

Eat what you grow. Grow where you live. Create a life filled with good taste.

This was the goal for a Toronto condo we grew from the ground up. We branded it “The Plant”, then we really got our hands dirty. With a philosophy of growing plants and growing people too, we branded a new kind of “urban vertical living”. Embracing a homegrown strategy of eating well and living & working locally, to plant a seed in the fashionable & trendy Queen West area. The Plant was designed with “Terrace-to-Table” living in mind.

We launched the project with an internationally recognized farm-to-table chef, Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted in Brooklyn NY, to kick things off by hosting a dinner with some of our favourite local chefs, to inspire and encourage the movement here. That drove tons content, brochures, graffiti walls, videos, social and more. Bon appétit.