Turkeys Make a Turkey out of Twitter

Three homeless turkeys, a hashtag powered feeder and over fourteen thousand Tweets. What the *!#! does this have to do with helping the homeless? Let us explain.

This past Thanksgiving, we assisted the Good Shepherd Ministries as well as Toronto’s most vulnerable, by dreaming up a simple idea: You feed the turkeys. We’ll feed the homeless. This single line of copy spawned a leviathan-sized execution. Tweet with the hashtag #homelessturkey and watch as your Tweet is gobbled down by a live-streamed turkey. And for every thousand Tweets we received, a donor handed over ten turkeys to the Good Shepherd. Simple right? That’s why it caught on. Because we made it easy for everyone to help out and in doing so, awareness for the Good Shepherd increased dramatically. We’re talking nine million impressions on social media, a trending hashtag in Canada and we were featured on numerous radio & TV stations, including Global News.