We Won At the ADCC Awards. A Firm Slow-Clap is Warranted.

Last Friday, a crowd of ad enthusiasts descended upon the Royal Conservatory. Everyone was on hand: the suits were dressed in suits (no surprises there) and the creative’s were dressed like hobos (again, no surprises). Everyone was in attendance for the ADCC Award Show, Canada’s premier creative award ceremony. Since 1949, the ADCC has been hosting Directions. And every year, brilliant creative work from across the country is immortalized in the coveted Directions Award Annual. This year, we took home our first ever ADCC Award, a Merit Award in the advertising miscellaneous category. We won the Merit Award for our interactive holiday card, “Tiny Desk Fireplace”. What was the idea behind “Tiny Desk Fireplace”? Simple: if you’ve got a desk, you’ve got a fireplace. And to bask in the warm glow of the fire, one simply scanned the QR code, inserted a smartphone and voila! Instant fireplace. Now you’ve got a fireplace to cozy up in front of at work! On a side note, “Tiny Desk Fireplace” also took home an award at NY Festivals this year. Everyone must enjoy the crackle of a mini-fireplace over the holidays.

Thanks goes out to Somerset, our courageous printer as well as our talented creative team. With our culture of fearlessness, hopefully this is the first of many ADCC Awards to come.