We Got Wood

Our new office at the corner of Queen & Bathurst is full of two things: Coffee guzzling pencil pushers and an abundance of reclaimed wood, enough wood to give any beaver a wet dream (gross). Imagine a boreal forest colliding with a Mac lab. Our office is somewhere in the middle. With barn doors marking the entrance to our boardroom, vintage hardwood floors and reclaimed wood tables, it feels a wee bit rustic up in here and that’s the way we like it! For all of you Millennials, that was a reference to KC and the Sunshine Band (look them up).

But outside of being a real smorgasbord for termites, our hybrid agency is fitted for fearless creative, be it digital, design, strategy or branding. Whether it’s the silo-free layout, the chalkboard walls, or the music bumping from multiple wall speakers, it’s a collaborative environment where digital ideas are born. Even our afternoon Playlist is a group effort. How else would Jigga end up on the same list as Miley? All in all, it’s a fresh start and a chance to create memorable advertising for brands. And if you’re looking for something more than just your typical ROI (Really Obvious Insights), then stop by for a chat (unless you’re a beaver or a termite).

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