Wu-Tang isn’t for the Children. But Camp is.

We live in an age that’s characterized by social awkwardness. Like a cat transfixed on a laser pointer, more of us are spending time on our mobile devices. As a consequence of this, social interactions are less frequent and some of us are beginning to experience social anxiety – Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite.

Thus, you can only imagine what it must be like for kids. Instead of going outside to play with friends or getting into all sorts of crazy hijinks (Stephen King’s Stand By Me), kids sit around at home on a tablet playing Candy Crush. So when Christina Bonner, Camp Director with RKY, approached us about coming up with a campaign, we had a challenge on our hands: how do we get kids to unplug? Then it occurred to us, maybe the kids have a secret desire to go to camp. And maybe the parents are the one’s who need a helpful hint. We rolled with this insight and called up our talented friend over at Westside Studio,Tyler Gray. He took the idea and helped us capture everything on film. The finished campaign was a big success, running on digital billboards located in the Kingston area.

If you’re unfamiliar, RKY Camp is a joint venture between the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club and the YMCA. It’s located just north of Kingston and is a camp where children can experience the beautiful outdoors while learning important life skills.