A Guide to Content Twerk’n

If you were expecting to find more gratuitous photos of Miley from the VMA’s, we apologize in advance. However, if you’re interested in this new fangled thing called Content Marketing, then keep on reading.

We’re creating content while telling you how to create content, ironic right? But on any given day, advertising and marketing websites from around the globe pump out how-to articles on the topic of content marketing. Some will instruct you to capitalize on events and trends, like some sort of suckerfish that feeds off of the success of others. And then there will be those who tell you to join the conversation or in other words, become that annoying dude at the party who continuously interrupts everyone. While both of these points are valid and will get you through the front door, there’s a distinct difference between content and good content. If you are interested in creating the latter, ask yourself the following three questions before you jump on the twerk wagon:

(1) Is your content original?
(2) Does your content engage with the desired target?
(3) Is your content unexpected?

If your content doesn’t stand up against all three, then you might have something lame on your hands, we’re talking Mr. Dressup lame. What’s the main takeaway here? Hold your content to the same standard as other industry work. That is all.