BEWARE: Flying Balls

Who’s ready to get smashed? The second annual Smashed Ping Pong Tourney is coming up on September 20 and this year it’s being held at 99 Sudbury. A former glass factory turned trendy nightspot, 99 Sudbury will set the scene for the ping-pong tourney of the century. So lace up your sneakers homeslice and start training. With 48 spots available for the tourney, the competition is going to be fierce – we’re talking Rocky IV fierce. And this year’s champ will walk away with a cool $2500 as well as the honourary Golden Paddle trophy. However, if you’re afraid of taking a few balls to the face, rest assured, the one and only Cabbie Richards will be there to entertain you. Cabbie will be MC’n this year’s event and if you’re hungry, the Food Dudes will be serving up delicious appies all night. With food this good, don’t be surprised if someone yells out “GET IN MY BELLY” at least once during the night’s festivities. Oh, and did we mention that this year’s event is sponsored by Maison Hennessy & Belvedere Vodka? Either way, you’re getting smashed for a great cause,Free the Children.