#Hashtag #In #Moderation

We love hashtags. But hashtags are now poised to takeover the world (Pinky & the Brain would be jealous). Like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines track, the beat and the catchy hook pull you in. You listen, you nod your head and then you buy his album (don’t judge me). But then to your later resentment, Robin Thicke starts showing up everywhere. You hop on the subway for work: Robin Thicke. You enter a change room to try on some clothes: Robin Thicke. And then when you go to take a pee, (you guessed it) Robin Thicke. Pretty soon you end up hating Robin Thicke and ignoring him, even if he does have an x-rated video.

The same thing is going on with hashtags right now. It’s reminiscent of QR Codes being slapped on everything like bumper stickers:

“We better slap on this QR Code to be safe and to appear relevant.”

While it’s great that brands are adopting a more social approach, they shouldn’t be attempting to hijack the conversation. Keep the conversation organic and only use hashtags when it makes sense.

Please and thank you.
Concerned hashtag lover.