Babies are Divas. Big Bearded Divas.

Recently, we partnered with photographer Adrian Armstrong to create a new campaign for Expo City in Vaughan. The idea involved a baby with a beard – think Zach Galifianakis in a stroller. Yea, that’s right, a baby with a beard. After a few hours of playing peak-a-boo, changing diapers and sucking back juice filled sippy cups, we found the perfect baby. With a head full of hair that would make Ryan Gosling jealous, this 18-month-old boy was the perfect fit for our shoot. However, he was tougher to bargain with than Gary Bettman! We offered him fishy crackers and a toy car but he refused to shoot. It took a balloon beat down on the cameraman to convince Lil Gary that he should look towards the camera. Three hours later, we had captured the perfect pose and we were well on our way to creating something cool.