Welcome to the Land of Beards & Skinny Jeans

In case you missed the memo, we’ve moved. You can now find us at the corner of Queen & Bathurst, a kick ass location where the difference between a homeless dude and a hipster is hard to determine. Is the food in his beard part of a cynical critique of capitalist society? Or is it just due to a lack of general hygiene? Your guess is as good as ours. Thus, in preparation for the move, most of us stopped shaving months ago (even the women). We started rock’n skinny jeans too and some of us had trouble sitting down. Oh, and did we mention that we’re also within walking distance to Trinity Bellwoods Park? Lets just say that we enjoy the feeling of the grass in-between our toes and the occasional beverage-to-go in a brown paper bag.

But it’s not all just about beards, skinny jeans and brown paper bags down here on Queen & Bathurst; it’s more to do with making fearless creative for our clients and having more room to grow. Because things were getting a bit claustrophobic up at our old office – It was like a sardine can stuffed with over caffeinated advertising peeps, a ticking time bomb one might say. Now that we have room to breathe, we’re free to drink coffee until we get the jitters, strategize until we run out of things to strategize and produce mind blowing creative that’s comparable to any of the mind altering drugs sold in our neighbourhood. It’s time to be fearless. Tweet us @blackjetInc