New identity. Same fearless approach.

Blackjet turns ten this year. In human years we’re quite young but in agency years we’ve seen some stuff. A lot has changed in ten years and a lot has stayed the same – we’re still curious and allergic to ‘safe’, we’re now a little wiser. Our first ten were governed by a tagline that became a way of life: be fearless.

In 2009, equipped with boundless energy and a problem with authority, we began to build an agency. In the early years we were lucky to partner with clients who were as willing as we were to take risks. And thanks to those partnerships we began to accrue momentum and a reputation.

Ten years on and our fearlessness remains. But unlike 2009 this doesn’t translate to the way we do business. As partners we’re now more open, transparent and inclusive in the process and our most successful assignments are now the most collaborative. Culturally, Blackjet still feels like a startup – we’re more agile today than ever before. Strategically, creatively and operationally we’re continuing to grow and learn.

Our new identity is a better reflection of this – we’ve brightened the palette and modernized everything from top to bottom. The new logo features a horizontal ‘k’, a subtle nod to ‘key’ or ‘black’ in the printing process. When it’s on its side, the arms of the ‘k’ are delicately balanced mid-air, signifying agility. The colour palette was inspired by blacklight, our way of bringing vibrancy to the agency’s namesake.

Like the first ten, our next ten years will be governed by a tagline that’s become a way of life. Go. Be fearless.

What we do.

We help clients define and articulate their vision. We shape products and create brands. We craft inventive communications.

How we do it.

We do it with an insatiable curiosity for human insights. We combine these insights and data to form creative ideas that connect deeply with our clients’ audiences.

Why we do it.

Because we believe fearless thinking is what clients need to move people.