Director of Digital Production

Having worked in digital, creative and ad agencies, as well as independently, Matt is passionate about user experience as well as following current social, digital and design trends. He is constantly striving to bring a modern, fresh and relevant perspective into his work. This is reflected by the work he’s done in a wide range of categories from products, services, e-commerce and social site development. He is highly proficient in PHP, MyQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery & React JS, WordPress, Laravel and Shopify.

At Blackjet, Matt has the unique ability of taking a wide creative scope and translating it into an interactive, user-friendly experience. He has made several projects come to digital life with his behind the scenes expertise, never wavering as he incorporates building creativity into his work.

In addition to his technically savvy day to day functions, Matt also guides the larger development team to ensure success in every collaborative project. Most recently, Matt and his team created a successful rebranded website for Fusion Homes.