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bmw wanted to engage
more enthusiasts online.
so we found the
ultimate blogger.

bmw wanted
to engage more
so we found
the ultimate


The idea of ‘The Ultimate Blogger Contest’ was born from the demand to fill the position of BMW social media brand ambassador on the Endras BMW team. It had to be someone that could match Endras’ level of enthusiasm and all around obsession for BMW performance. Positioned as a job search, the contest initially began as a hunt to fill the role of the most performance obsessed blogger to work writing for Endras’ blog. Contestants posted a series of video auditions and blog posts to the Ultimate Blogger website, which people then voted on. The top votes were put into a list of top 20, who were then interviewed by owner Mark Endras.

the results

Well, it caught fire. The contest became a worldwide competition among BMW aficionados to hold the job of their dreams.

  • Over 3 million social media impressions

  • Over 14,000 Youtube views

  • Over 800,000 page views

  • A 1711% increase in Facebook likes

  • TV, Radio & Online News all picked up the story

  • $0 in paid media


The contest initiated a spiral of successes for Endras. The dealership became the leading retailer of M-series vehicles in Canada, and was cited in Advertising Age as one of the reasons that BMW beat Audi in Social Media Marketing.

Props & Praise:

Advertising Age said The Ultimate Blogger was one of the reasons BMW beat Audi in Social Media Marketing.


The viral success of The Ultimate Blogger Contest gave Endras a prominent name in the BMW community. As a result, the BMW brand as a whole was able to prosper. Our idea fuelled a massive shift from traditional brand marketing to a very relevant form of targeted online marketing. Former President of BMW Canada, Franz Jung stated, “…The only dealer who understands the new media landscape and is connecting with new audiences is Endras BMW.” It was a sweet ride.