Shaping future cities.

Over the last few years Blackjet has evolved its process, applying our Jetstream brand strategy to place making and city building. It’s been an exciting but intense shift for the agency as we’ve transitioned from creating brands to authoring strategies for future places.

Our latest project involves shaping the future of a district in the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre for our client QuadReal. QuadReal’s current land holdings include 75 acres of big box stores, entertainment and office buildings. With a new subway stop opening in 2018, Vaughan’s new city centre is headed for explosive growth and QuadReal’s contribution will be a completely reimagined mixed use neighbourhood. Gone will be the suburban, big box power centre – in its place will be a vibrant new, mixed use community with an urban vibe.

Our work has included extensive consumer research (both quantitative and qualitative), competitive mapping and hosting a series of roundtables with developers, city builders, real estate professionals and thought-leaders. Filtering this research through our strategic process, the strategy team at Blackjet has authored a unique ‘vision of place’ for this future district.

By creating a strategic blueprint to work from, every team on this massive, multi-year project has a clear understanding of the environment and place they are tasked with creating. Everyone from the architects, urban planners, interior designers, builders, retail and office curators and marketing teams have a clear vision and strategy to work from.

We’re excited to roll out the branding in the near future. Keep an eye on this place. It should be amazing to watch it take shape.