Smashed Charity Ping Pong – November 23

I love Ping Pong. I’m horrible at it but its great fun. Recently my friends (Fab Cortellucci, Sebastian Mizzi) and I got together and hatched the idea for a charity tournament in support of The Good Shepherd. It’s a great cause that I recently got involved in. Truly an incredible organization that helps people that the rest of the world would prefer to ignore: Toronto’s homeless. The Good Shepherd provides more meals than any other shelter in the city. On average it’s about 1100 meals/day. Every day of the year. They actually treat people with dignity and respect (I witnessed it first hand having served there just a few weeks ago). Beyond that, they provide shelter (approx. 90 beds), run an AIDS hospice as well as rehabilitation program for those dealing with addictions. They are truly a selfless bunch and they sure could use our help. So if you think what you’ve got what it takes to win the Golden Paddle or just want to listen to some great music, you can buy your tickets here.