Snapchat: haters gonna hate

The team over at Snapchat has been called a lot of unpleasant things as of late: smug bastards, arrogant assholes and morons (to list a few). But the haters need to take a step back. Sure, they unknowingly allowed a gazillion accounts to be compromised. And yeah, they turned their noses up at a lucrative buyout from the dark lord of social (Zuckerberg). However, the critics forgot one crucial thing; Snapping is addictive. Try to only Snap once. It’s like trying to watch a single episode of Breaking Bad, its damn near impossible. And it’s no longer just about sexting either; it’s about being ridiculous with photos and video (we’re talking Chris Farley ridiculous). This fun feature appeals to a younger demographic, one that views Facebook as a social media retirement home. Thus, as more youngsters migrate away from Facebook, Snapchat will continue to grow its user base. Haters step off already.