Social Media is a Bad Word.

The world is still dominated by “traditional” agencies. Marketing firms who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They still have the ear of their clients but the problem is that traditional strategies alone aren’t yielding the same results as they used to. We all know it – it’s no secret.

Most marketers don’t understand the digital world. They’re pretty sure that they need to do something but not sure what. We’ve been in many meetings explaining our credentials. We offer our point of difference and how to develop integrated strategies that combine online and traditional methods. But as soon as we start discussing the power of social media, eyes glaze over and comments like, “my kids use it, but they’re not our target audience,” or “we should get a Facebook page.”

This has taught me to really dumb down our presentations. It intimidates clients. Social media is awesome but for most prospects, it may lead to a mouth-washing with soap.