The Real Estate Industry’s Most Successful Social Media Campaign. Ever.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. When we decided to crowdsource the name for one of downtown Toronto’s newest condos, our goal was to build awareness and excitement online in a very crowded marketplace.

Toronto’s new condominium market is very noisy, dominated by projects with exotic names, ridiculous radio jingles and print ads filled with fashion models and hipsters. There was tremendous fatigue in the market and a desire for consumer engagement.

Rather than investing heavily in traditional media, we chose to engage influential bloggers first. Awareness quickly built. But one of the most critical components to the site’s success was the user experience that offered a simple and engaging user interface allowing participation from a broad user base.

The second phase of the campaign included an online advertising component, a tie-in with one of the city’s leading radio stations and a very modest print campaign. During the 6-week campaign, we achieved over 800 sites linking back to and the site cracked the 11,000 mark in the site’s Alexa rankings. The story was covered far and wide, was featured on CBC radio, mentioned on, featured in the National Post,, and picked up by dozens of other media outlets. Not bad for a condo without a name.