The Top 5 Twitter Criminals

I’m addicted to Twitter. It’s quickly become my primary source for online marketing data and metrics. It’s also a great window into the various industries of our clients. But man o man, there are lot of bad Tweeters out there. Yes, it’s an open forum to voice your company’s viewpoint but there are certain rules you should follow if you want to be taken seriously.

Here’s a list of Tweet Offenders:

1. The Used Car Salesman. This person is CONSTANTLY selling. Every tweet is about their great, “must-have” product or service. Guess what? People aren’t on Twitter to be sold to. They’ll tune you out. Fast.

2. THE ALL CAPS TWEETER. Usually a subset of The Used Car Salesman. Typically overuses exclamation marks repeatedly. Stop shouting all the time. Please.

3. The DM Maven. This person feels its OK to DM every follower they have anytime they’re trying to promote something without regard for who you are or if you actually give a shit.

4. The Twitter-Bot 2000. This Tweeter uses an app that repeatedly tweets the same tweet every few hours. These are the same people that automate their “Thanks for the Follow!” DM.

5. Peter ReTweeter. Peter never has an original thought. He follows only the most popular tweeters, the same ones we all follow (@Mashable, @TechCrunch, @Alltop) and retweets their posts. Hey Peter, we’ve already seen it – you unoriginal bastard.

If any of these sound like you, time to rethink what you’re doing. Start with defining your online persona. Remember personality goes a long way in the Twitterverse.