The Ultimate Shoot

Just before Christmas, we had a regular scheduled meeting with Endras BMW. What came out of it was anything but regular.

We chatted and in passing, they mentioned they needed an in-house blogger who could take care of their social media outlets. It’s odd when you can trace back to the inception of an idea. But that was it.

The Ultimate Blogger Contest was born. We suggested a contest positioned as a job search. And that search was to fill the role of the most performance obsessed blogger out there for Endras BMW.

Today, the Ultimate Blogger website is nearing 1 million page views in just under two months. And the campaign’s reach has gone far beyond local and even regional circles. With entries coming in from across Europe and the States, we’re both surprised and ecstatic over the success.

Working with Toronto’s Buck Productions and Director Peter Mishara, Blackjet’s crew starting shooting one cold January morning and squeezed 3 videos into the day. With some patience from cold actors and the help of Buck’s crew, we ended up with a series of light-hearted and funny spots.

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