Tweets don’t lie. Resumes do.

We needed a Social Media Intern ASAP. Rather than posting the job description on our site or via LinkedIn, we came up with something unconventional. Because really, who wants to read through a sea of emails entitled “Social Ninja” or “Twitter Assassin” (it gets old really quick). Instead, we hosted the first ever #befearlessgames, a five-day social media challenge. For a chance to be considered, the would-be interns had to duel it out online. And the competition was fierce. We’re talking Game of Thrones fierce (maybe not that fierce). Competitors submitted everything from an original recorded song, handmade branded coasters to an illustrated selfie! 496 Tweets, 21 Vines, 23 selfies, 20 mix tapes and an incalculable amount of Facebook posts later, we selected three winners for an interview.

What was the main takeaway from the #befearlessgames? To utilize social for a brand, regardless of its size/category, the message must be engaging and purposeful.