We Won the Internet’s Highest Honour

The first Webby was awarded in 1997, presumably by a dancing baby to an AOL CD for its Angelfire site. It’s okay if you’re confused. In fact, my argument depends on it.

Internet culture evolves quickly and it’s not really something we get nostalgic about; any relics most likely owe their existence to oversight.

This is why the Webbys are important. If the Internet keeps reinventing itself every few years these awards become our link to its past. The recipients form a record of everything that’s impacted the culture of the Internet: Google, eBay, Amazon, Stephen Colbert, the Beastie Boys, and now Blackjet.

We’re honoured to be included, we worked hard to make something fun and it resonated with people. If a future generation unearths our Webby Award winning site for Alfred (in the ruins of the Smithsonian) they’ll know that we were still experimenting and having fun in 2015. And that’s pretty cool.