Weather data, creative and Canada’s 150th make history.

Reliance Home Comfort wanted to celebrate Canada’s 150th in a special way. And since, “We aren’t comfortable, until you are”, is their motto, we started looking at weather data that made Canadians “uncomfortable” throughout the country’s history. Historic high and low temps were especially relevant.

We concepted. We collaborated. Strategy, creative & digital came together. Finally, after lots of digging, we had a handful of great options. But one idea, really took advantage of all we learned. What the creative team came up with, was a narrative that used record-breaking weather and challenged our digital media partner, Adobe, to utilize it in a never-tried-before-way. As a result, this digital and social media creative campaign for Reliance Home Comfort was literally, “history-in-the-making”.

First of all, digital ads used record-breaking weather data. We served up ads as geo-targeted concepts, that pulled record breaking high and low temperatures in a users area. A first for Reliance. A first for Adobe. And yes, a first for us! Users registered for a chance to win a Rheem AC + Furnace system if the temps broke records. Furthermore, blackjet created a dynamic landing page for the Reliance site that pulled current temperatures in their area and graphically represented the record highs & lows with a dynamic data-pulling thermostat. Cool! And hot! Depending on the data. In addition, to help spread the word, users could share their love and/or hate for the weather to get even more chances to win.

Data, on its own is useless. Creativity for its own sake is a waste. Consequently, at blackjet we strive to find the intersection between digital & creative, to make things relevant, interesting and to help them come to life. And since complaining about the weather is a national pastime, the approach seemed most relevant. It seems like using robust historical and current weather data to serve up great creative, has become a blackjet pastime. And by the way, can you believe this weather?