Our Privacy Policy

Blackjet is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals with whom we engage. We recognize the need to protect the privacy of any personal information that you agree to provide to us.



Our privacy policy outlines our commitment to protecting your personal information as follows.

Contact information provided to us will only be used for official business purposes. All reasonable efforts to inform individuals of planned use or disclosure will be made.

We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that our collected information is accurate and complete. Personal information may be updated or edited as per written request by an individual to whom the information relates.

We will only store personal information with careful precautions to ensure that unauthorized collection, access and use is prevented.

We will never disclose personal information unnecessarily to a third party, unless this is requested by an individual with whom the personal information relates.

We preserve the right of individuals to access personal information that relates to them.

No personal information provided to us at Blackjet will be sold, shared or rented.

Please contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy.