Brand Strategy

We always start with data. We uncover the human insights that lead to breakthrough positionings by understanding the competitive landscape, collecting stakeholder input, defining key audience segments, examining historic performance and leveraging key research.

We work with both B2B and B2C brands and help them to clearly articulate their vision and purpose through brand architecture, overarching brand portfolio strategies and finely tuned brand playbooks that help socialize brands both internally and externally.

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Branding Places & Destinations

Placemaking turns locations into destinations. It can transform a long-neglected post-industrial space into a thriving arts and culture hub, and in the process shape the future of a neighbourhood, borough, town, city or even a country. And Blackjet has over 10-years’ experience analyzing, predicting, influencing and defining trends in place-branding.

We help shape future places for municipalities and large-scale developments, working with governments and developers to create real estate value, increase economic impact and drive demand among key target groups. We take a unique approach to place branding that includes using data to identify and personify future visitors, residents and businesses, and use those insights to create a ‘vision of place’ and subsequent DesignThinking Playbook, allowing stakeholders, marketers, partners and consultants to work towards a common vision.

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Brand Design

We design brands that connect with people, and we offer several specialized services that will help your brand do exactly that.

  • Visual Identity Development
    & Design Systems
  • Brand Narrative
    & Manifesto Development
  • Naming & Tagline Development
  • Brand Voice
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Guidelines

Customer Experience Design

Part of developing a resonant brand is ensuring that its purpose, personality and positioning is felt across all customer touchpoints, so we think past traditional communication channels to consider the overall customer experience. Is your brand delivering on its promise? Do your digital experiences match your in-person experiences? Is your brand surprising and delighting your customers to create positive word-of-mouth and brand loyalty? We help create customer experience frameworks to ensure that you’re maximizing the performance of your brand where it most counts.

Integrated Campaigns

Creating work that connects with consumers requires an intimate knowledge of the mediums and the consumers we’re creating it for. We’ve developed award-winning campaigns at every scale, in every medium and for a dozen diverse markets. We have a range of talent, awards and case studies that illustrate our expertise in traditional, terrestrial advertising, but digital is in our DNA. We enjoy the advantage of deep capabilities in digital and social coupled with great creative leadership.

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Web Development

Web development starts with a clearly defined digital strategy and ends with flawless implementation. Our interactive team is made up of innovators, pragmatists and industry experts. We work in multiple languages across multiple platforms. We also enjoy the rare distinction of being honoured by The WEBBY® Awards five times. Our honours include:

  • Best Home/ Welcome Page
  • Social Experimental Innovation
  • Best Sports Team Website
  • Best Real Estate Website
  • Best Use of Animation
    or Motion Graphics

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Digital & Social Content

Creating compelling digital and social-first content requires agility. The best laid plans don’t always have the biggest impact, you have to be ready to capture magic at a moment’s notice. Blackjet works with a rotating roster of diverse creators to do just that, with 24/7 access to our own production studio, we’re uniquely positioned to provide content perennially current and compelling.

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