Case Studies

We put as much time and effort into learning from our work as we do into creating it. These case studies represent some of our highest creative highs, but more importantly they represent our deepest learnings. They’re emblematic of our multidisciplinary approach, our attention to insights and our creative problem solving.


We Won At the ADCC Awards. A Firm Slow-Clap is Warranted.

Last Friday, a crowd of ad enthusiasts descended upon the Royal Conservatory. Everyone was on hand: the suits were dressed in suits (no surprises there) and the creative’s were dressed like hobos (again, no surprises). Everyone was in attendance for the ADCC Award Show, Canada’s premier creative award ceremony. Since 1949, the ADCC has been … Continued

Turkeys Make a Turkey out of Twitter

Three homeless turkeys, a hashtag powered feeder and over fourteen thousand Tweets. What the *!#! does this have to do with helping the homeless? Let us explain. This past Thanksgiving, we assisted the Good Shepherd Ministries as well as Toronto’s most vulnerable, by dreaming up a simple idea: You feed the turkeys. We’ll feed the … Continued

Babies are Divas. Big Bearded Divas.

Recently, we partnered with photographer Adrian Armstrong to create a new campaign for Expo City in Vaughan. The idea involved a baby with a beard – think Zach Galifianakis in a stroller. Yea, that’s right, a baby with a beard. After a few hours of playing peak-a-boo, changing diapers and sucking back juice filled sippy … Continued

Balls. That’s the difference.

We’re not a cookie cutter agency. We do things differently. We’re innovative. We breathe life into brands. Blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all before. But actions speak louder than words. So what separates us from other agencies? We really are fearless. Why else would we entertain the idea of printing black-on-black business cards? *Crickets* … Continued

#Hashtag #In #Moderation

We love hashtags. But hashtags are now poised to takeover the world (Pinky & the Brain would be jealous). Like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines track, the beat and the catchy hook pull you in. You listen, you nod your head and then you buy his album (don’t judge me). But then to your later resentment, … Continued

BEWARE: Flying Balls

Who’s ready to get smashed? The second annual Smashed Ping Pong Tourney is coming up on September 20 and this year it’s being held at 99 Sudbury. A former glass factory turned trendy nightspot, 99 Sudbury will set the scene for the ping-pong tourney of the century. So lace up your sneakers homeslice and start … Continued

A Guide to Content Twerk’n

If you were expecting to find more gratuitous photos of Miley from the VMA’s, we apologize in advance. However, if you’re interested in this new fangled thing called Content Marketing, then keep on reading. We’re creating content while telling you how to create content, ironic right? But on any given day, advertising and marketing websites … Continued

Wu-Tang isn’t for the Children. But Camp is.

We live in an age that’s characterized by social awkwardness. Like a cat transfixed on a laser pointer, more of us are spending time on our mobile devices. As a consequence of this, social interactions are less frequent and some of us are beginning to experience social anxiety – Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite. Thus, you can … Continued

We Got Wood

Our new office at the corner of Queen & Bathurst is full of two things: Coffee guzzling pencil pushers and an abundance of reclaimed wood, enough wood to give any beaver a wet dream (gross). Imagine a boreal forest colliding with a Mac lab. Our office is somewhere in the middle. With barn doors marking … Continued

Welcome to the Land of Beards & Skinny Jeans

In case you missed the memo, we’ve moved. You can now find us at the corner of Queen & Bathurst, a kick ass location where the difference between a homeless dude and a hipster is hard to determine. Is the food in his beard part of a cynical critique of capitalist society? Or is it … Continued