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A Cohesive Brand Strategy for Ontario's Leading Dairy Cooperative

A Cohesive Brand Strategy for Ontario’s Leading Dairy Cooperative


Gay Lea is a farmer-owned dairy co-operative. Although a familiar name, little is known about Gay Lea’s culture, with a majority of consumers believing the co-operative to be a corporation like its major competitors in the category.

The Task

To distinguish the Gay Lea brand from its competitors and build consumer preference, by increasing awareness, demonstrating Gay Lea’s unique values and bringing it all to life with a concise brand message.


Gay Lea is a co-operative, so sharing is at the heart of everything they do. It’s this core insight that powered the creation of a new brand platform – ‘share joy’. Across cultures, the sharing of food is understood as a universally joyful experience, and Gay Lea’s product lineup represents the celebratory food that brings people together.

The new platform came to life in a number of mediums. In a 30 second TV spot shot with
Impossible Studios, we explore the often-unglamourous effort and ultimate joyous reward of preparing food for loved ones. We also distilled the message into a simple visual mnemonic that is being utilized across a variety of branded communications. The ‘joy cake’ represents the very heart of Gay Lea – great food made for special moments.