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A Brand Refresh for Canada’s Largest Independent Coffee Roaster

A Brand Refresh for Canada’s Largest Independent Coffee Roaster

The Situation

Reunion Coffee Roasters is one of the largest independent roasters in Canada, and a family-owned and operated certified B Corporation. Reunion was founded in the early 90s when Starbucks was popularizing premium coffee, which was a mission shared by Reunion. But the next generation of family ownership was now transitioning into leadership, and they planned to usher in a third wave of coffee that catered to true coffee enthusiasts across North America, while aggressively opening new brick and mortar locations in Toronto.

The Task

To identify a new brand positioning located between intimidating independents and the sterile big chains that would ultimately encourage more people to drink better coffee.

The Action

We targeted early adopters, or ‘socially conscious discriminators’, who want a premium coffee experience without the presumption of expertise and believe their decisions can have positive outcomes. We got their attention with a brand refresh that focuses on craft, origins, sustainability and coffee culture.

The new brand would have to to work across a broad range of executions, from packaging on retail shelves to Reunion’s own store environments, as well as in hospitality, subscription services, digital and a new cold brew line.

The Result

A refreshed identity was created, beginning with a redesigned logo, all new packaging, collateral, environmental design and brand merchandise. The DNA from the original mark was maintained, however, a new colour palette and design system was created. The packaging itself now plays a role in educating consumers on flavour profiles and origin stories, which helps support the new brand positioning.