Case Studies

We put as much time and effort into learning from our work as we do into creating it. These case studies represent some of our highest creative highs, but more importantly they represent our deepest learnings. They’re emblematic of our multidisciplinary approach, our attention to insights and our creative problem solving.


The Comfortable Numbness of WFH

As a founder and CEO, for 15 years, I embraced ‘Hustle Culture’. Priding myself on being the first one in and the last to leave. Rightly or wrongly, ‘Busy-ness’ was a badge of honor. Always looking to demonstrate to the team what it took to be successful. It didn’t come without sacrifice. For my entire … Continued

Tech Talk: 5 Reasons to Abandon ‘Mobile First’

Tech Talk is a new monthly series that probes and ponders tech trends, and how they relate to the business of creativity. The first installment is a deep dive into mobile first web design, and why it’s time to reconsider this outmoded approach. Here are five reasons to abandon ‘mobile first’. 1. Context is Everything … Continued

Post-Pandemic Consumer Trends to Watch

  Repeat after me: this too shall pass. Soon the world will emerge from quarantine and resume its turning. But things will be different. The human psyche will undoubtedly be affected by the first global pandemic in 100+ years. Our lives have been turned upside down and we may not find our footing again for … Continued

Does my main message look big in this?

Would your ad entertain a fish? With instant gratification at our fingertips, some scientists claim that Goldfish have longer attention spans than the average human. Others believe it remains the same. We’re just significantly pickier. With a surplus of quality entertainment, irrelevant content is on nobody’s agenda. So how does advertising cut through clutter? It … Continued

Is data killing creativity?

Data is a tremendously powerful marketing tool. It allows us to study, target and ultimately understand the behavioural patterns of our customers like never before. But what’s its effect on creatives? Those tasked with ideating, inventing and making? Marketers, creatives, creative marketers – whatever our title we’re also consumers. And as consumers our information flow … Continued

Do Super Bowl ads matter anymore?

In a rapidly changing advertising landscape, do Super Bowl ads still reign supreme? Conventional ad wisdom would tell you that the era of big budget television commercials is over, killed off by the rise of streaming services. So why do advertisers still spend millions of dollars on a few seconds of air time during the Super … Continued

What the new Facebook news feed means for brands.

Facebook recently announced what could be the largest change up to your news feed in the history of the platform. This shift will fundamentally alter how you’ll use Facebook – but the biggest impact will be felt by brands and advertisers. The new news feed will prioritize content shared by personal profiles, while showing less … Continued

Social media trends for 2018.

Giving me a raise   Incredible but true: the biggest social media trend for the coming year will be giving me a huge raise! In 2018, across all industries, your social media manager will probably need a company car or an expense account or something. This will make up for no one really knowing what … Continued