Show us what you got. Score an internship

You murder the alphabet with your Tweets on a regular basis. Your Vines defy the laws of physics (Einstein would be impressed). You rock an Indiana Jones Hat while searching for rare content; we’re talking Sasquatch rare. You can capture a “sing for the moment” moment on Instagram with the greatest of ease. And you can create a catchy #hashtag in 0000000.0001 seconds. Sound like you? Then we want you to compete in our first ever #befearlessgames. It’s like the Hunger Games but with more swearing. What’s in it for you? You could win an interview with our CD for a social media internship. Think of the possibilities. You could be swimming in an endless supply of free coffee, while working in an environment that encourages spontaneous dance parties (twerk much?).

The #befearlessgames begin on Monday January 20th. Each day, you will be given a social media challenge for which you will be judged upon. In other words, you best bring the pain! We will announce three winners by EOD (that’s end of day rookies) on Friday.

All competition announcements will be Tweeted @Blackjetinc