Repositioning a $9Billion Global Investment Firm

Repositioning a $9Billion Global Investment Firm


Timbercreek was established in 1999 as an active real estate investment and management company. By 2019, with a global reputation and assets under management of over $9B, the company reorganized to consolidate the debt business under the Timbercreek banner with a newly formed entity focusing on global real estate investments.

The Task

In a tight timeframe and under conditions of strict confidentiality, we were tasked with naming, positioning and introducing a new brand identity to a tightly regulated financial services market that is highly sensitive to change. In addition to positioning the new brand externally, we had to implement it internally, throughout the organization, with a coordinated graphic design and change management strategy to introduce the new brand identity and what it stands for.

The Action

We facilitated workshops and approval sessions with the senior executive team to define positioning, ideate on name candidates and agree on a change management approach. We then designed a change management strategy for clients, prospects, regulators and staff, and created re-branded communication assets for all internal and external touchpoints.

The Result

A core insight emerged by connecting their investment philosophy with their approach to talent development, they see potential where others don’t, investing in people and real estate and working hard to grow value. We developed a new brand, a new web presence, all new global brand guidelines, an architecture system, a narrative and documentary series called ‘Moving Stories’, which explores the journeys of residents and employees of Hazelview across Canada.