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Hello! Welcome to Blackjet! An award winning agency. We’re built in an integrated way. We think up inventive strategies, digital ideas, design solutions, branding initiatives and continuously surprising ad executions. Want some? We should talk.

Eat what you grow. Grow where you live. Create a life filled with good taste. This was the goal for a Toronto condo we grew from the ground up. We branded it “The Plant”, then we really got our hands dirty. With a philosophy of growing plants and growing people too, we branded a new …


Colombia. A country that was once synonymous with cocaine, drug cartels, political corruption and heinous crimes is now one of Latin America’s top travel destinations. How does this happen? How does a place shift a global perception of one of the most dangerous places on the planet to a tropical paradise in a relatively short …


Everything old is new again. Across the street from Toronto’s other airport, lies an old, derelict 4-acre parcel of land with an abandoned warehouse on it. In a condo-crazed city as dense as Toronto is, it’s not often you find a neglected piece of property this large in its core. The property, owned by Canadian …